维州政府禁止 Sky News 在火车站拨放

我们很幸运,生活在维州,一个媒体自由,不受控于政府的社会。 正因如此,即便政府不喜欢媒体所报导的新闻,媒体还是一样能报导。
但上週 Daniel Andrews禁止火车站的电视屏拨放知名媒体 Sky News 的新闻后,这似乎让一切变了调,着实令人担忧。
政府对外声称,它们禁止 Sky News 主要是因 Sky News 採访了一位有意见偏激的人,但奇怪的是,同样採访该人物的多家媒体却并未被禁止。
看来政府试图惩罚 Sky News 的幕后原因恐怕不会那麽简单,可能因政府不希望人民看到 Sky News 所做的某些报导。 在新闻自由,民主法治的社会,权力要受到监督,一旦有偏失,就应承受指责。 面对维州当前多项需要立即改善的问题,政府最应採取的行动不是禁止媒体平台的报导,而是好好专注改善火车服务、基建交通等影响人民的重大议题。


英文版/English version

Victorian government bans Sky News from train stations


We are fortunate in Victoria to live in a society where the media are not controlled by government, and can report the news even when the government doesn’t like what they say.


It is therefore very concerning that the Andrews government last week banned Sky News from being shown on the TV screens t railway stations.


The government claimed it was banning Sky News because they broadcast an interview with someone who has extreme views, but the government didn’t ban other TV channels that also broadcast interviews with the same person.


It looks like the government is trying to punish Sky News because they don’t want Victorians to find out about the things that Sky News is reporting. The government should concentrate on fixing our train services, not banning TV broadcasters.