条条大路通罗马,行行出状元。 对于不上大学的学生而言,通过技职培训,学习更好的工作技能,对于学生未来的职业规划有着举足轻重的重要性。

可惜的是,自2014 年以来,维州接受技职培训的学生人数下降幅度超过 30%,从 2014 年间的 46万名学生减少到去年仅 31.5 万名。

这数据无疑代表成千上万名维州学生和 TAFE 或相关的技职培训失之交臂,失去学习电脑、工程、建筑、医护、商业与服务等领域的职业技能。

儘管 Daniel Andrews 当初承诺,工党执政后会改善维州技职培训,然则数据显示,越改越糟。 维州需要一个能真正解决问题的政府,学生更是需要适时获得良好的培训教育。


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Fewer students get vocational training in Victoria


For students who don’t go to university, vocational training is vital for learning the skills to get a good job.


However, the number of students receiving vocational training in Victoria has plunged by more than 30% since 2014, from over 460,000 student in 2014 to fewer than 315,000 last year.


This means that thousands of Victorian students are missing out on training at a TAFE or other provider to learn skills in areas such as information technology, engineering, building, nursing, business or hospitality.


Premier Andrews promised a Labor government would improve vocational training, but instead Labor have made it worse. Victoria needs a government that will fix the mess so students can get the training they need.