红色 P 牌驾驶将豁免车辆牌照费


维州自由党政府,将豁免红色  P 牌驾驶第一年的车辆牌照费,这项举措将可为刚拿到驾照的驾驶节省 $295澳币的费用。

第一年上路的新手,也就是车辆上装设红色P牌的驾驶,仅需支付 TAC 费用,以之帮助在车祸中受伤的人即可。


这笔 $295 澳币的费用,对课馀时间尚需为生活奔波的许多年轻人,可帮助他们重掌财务状况,为他们追逐梦想的路,提供一点助力,带来一缕阳光。


英文版/English version

Free vehicle registration for red P plate drivers

A Liberal Victorian government will give red P-platers a $295 saving by scrapping the registration charge for first-year drivers.

First year drivers – drivers with red P plates on their vehicles – will pay only the TAC charge that helps people injured in vehicle crashes.

For many young Victorians, owning a car is essential when starting in the workforce, taking up a trade or further studies.

This saving of $295 will help young Victorians get back in control of their finances at a time when many are struggling with the costs of life after school.