很多时候,等到女性朋友发现她们认识的新伴侣,有暴力或虐待倾向时,为时已晚。 常见的结果是,这些妇女遭到暴力袭击,有的甚至因此而死亡。


如果维州自由党联盟政府在 11 月份顺利当选,我们将推出一项计划,让人们有权要求或有权知道自己伴侣是否有暴力虐待纪录。

在亲密关係中的伴侣,或相关的第三方,将能向维州警方提出申请。 倘若伴侣有暴力犯罪纪录,警方会向申请人告知其伴侣犯下的罪刑。



英文版/English version

A right to know about violent partners


Too often, women who meet a new partner find out too late that their partner has a history of violence and abuse. As a result, women have been attacked or even killed


If a Victorian Liberal Nationals government is elected in November, we will introduce a scheme that will give people the right ask and the right to know about any history of violent crimes by a partner.


A person in a relationship, or a concerned third party, will be able to apply to Victoria Police. If the partner has a criminal conviction for a violent crime, the police will then tell the person in the relationship about the crimes their partner has committed.


This is another important way in which the Liberals are acting to help make Victoria safer.