上週在 Narre Warren,一个帮派团伙强行闯入一位陌生男子家,将其殴打和洗劫,并在该男子住院期间,再次登门,偷走男子的车。

在 Boroondara,警方警告大家,当前家中电脑与手机遭窃案件遽增;在 Sunbury,一个屋主试图阻止小偷从他车道偷走他车子时,换来遍体鳞伤。


我们需要政府立即採取行动,让犯罪浪潮重新得到控制,推动强化法制与加重量刑,增设更多 CCTV 在我们地方社区,吓阻犯罪的发生,更多警察在街道间巡逻,带领我们重回曾经安全的美好。


英文版/English version

Victoria’s crime wave continues


Last week in Narre Warren, a gang broke into an innocent man’s home, bashed and robbed him, and then returned later to steal his car while he was in hospital.


In Boroondara, police are warning of a rise in thefts of computers and mobile phones from people’s homes. In Sunbury, a home owner was badly injured when he tries to stop a thief stealing his car from his driveway.


These are examples of the crime wave that is continuing across Victoria, threatening people’s safety even in their own homes.


We need a government that will take action to get crime back under control, with stronger laws and sentences, more CCTV in our suburbs to deter and catch criminals, and more police on the streets.