令人震惊的是,州长 Daniel Andrews 和其政府默许这种宽鬆量刑的出现,并未及时介入,要求法官依法办事。

宽鬆量刑的弊端一再浮现,问题更是迫在眉睫。 为了一劳永逸的妥善处理,自由党本周将在议会提出新的修正案,而州长 Daniel Andrews 先生更应全力支持该项提案,以此确保暴力罪犯得到应有的判决,社会正义方能得以伸张。


英文版/English version

Time to end weak sentences


Last week a judge allowed two offenders to avoid jail after they violently attacked an ambulance paramedic.


The judge released them even though the law requires offenders who attack ambulance officers, police, or other emergency workers to be jailed for at least six months unless there are special reasons.


It is appalling that Premier Andrews and his government have allowed this sort of weak sentencing to occur and have not acted quickly to force judges to apply the law properly.


To fix this, the Liberals will bring a proposed new law to Parliament this week. Mr Andrews needs to support this law to ensure violent criminals get the punishment they deserve.