上週消防工会主席 Peter Marshall 要求州长取消有关市区消防局执行长的任命。

予取予求非首次,此情此景不陌生。 这发生在州长一而再,再而三的屈服于工会淫威之下后,工会主席又一次的提出此等夸张的要求。

回顾当初,为了取悦 Marshall 先生,州长 Andrews 先生解僱了消防局长,也迫使许多高阶要员离职,给予工会更大权力,甚至允许否决维州消防局管理层的决定。

对一般民众而言,像 Marshall 先生这样的工会领袖,拥有近乎凌驾于州长的权力,这是异常不合理也难以接受的。 长此以往,尾大不掉,最终受害的还是维州全体人民。


英文版/English version

Fire services crisis continues


Last week, the head of the firefighters union, Peter Marshall, demanded that the Premier cancel the appointment of a new Chief Executive Officer for the Metropolitan Fire Brigade.


This latest demand comes after Premier Andrews has given in to many previous demands that Mr Marshall has made.


In order to please Mr Marshall, Premier Andrews has already sacked fire service directors, forced the resignation of many senior staff and giving the union wide powers of control and veto over the running of Victoria’s fire services.


It is extraordinary and unacceptable that a union head such as Mr Marshall can exercise so much power over the Premier of our state.