成千上万人莅临 Box Hill 中秋美食节

上週六是 Box Hill 第28届中秋美食节活动,成千上万人涌入 Box Hill,在和煦的阳光下,享受美食、琳琅满目的摊位和多样的娱乐表演。


当天很开心的和许多老朋友、访客们在我的摊位上相聚会面,我也和我的自由党同仁 Neil Angus 州议员及 Graham Watt 州议员赠送精美的手工艺品给参加活动的孩童,一起共度美好时光。



英文版/English version

Thousands visit Box Hill Moon Festival


Thousands of people enjoyed a day of wonderful spring sunshine at the 28th Melbourne Chinese Moon Festival in Box Hill last Saturday, with great food, stalls and entertainment.


As well as teaching children about the traditions of the mid-autumn moon festival, Saturday’s celebrations were an opportunity for Australians of all backgrounds to join in and enjoy the food, fun and festivities.


It was good to catch up with old friends and to meet new visitors at my stall, together with my fellow Liberal MPs Neil Angus and Graham Watt, and to present children with small handcrafted figures.


I congratulate the Melbourne Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, and all the performers, volunteers and helpers, on holding another very successful and enjoyable festival.