也有诈骗者声称受害者不是犯下某些罪刑,就是他们身份资料遭窃,需支付钜额罚金或债务。 在有些案例中,受害者和其在中国的亲人也因诈骗而受到威胁。




英文版/English version

Beware of telephone scam in Mandarin


Authorities are warning of a new telephone scam that targets people from China. Police say that callers are pretending to be from the Chinese embassy and are demanding large sums of money.


Callers claim that the victim has either committed a crime or had their identity stolen, and must therefore pay a large fine or debt. In some cases, victims or their families in China have been threatened.


In other cases, the caller demands money to have a criminal investigation stopped, or tells them there is an important parcel for the victim to collect, and then tries to get personal details or money from them.


Don’t be deceived if you receive one of these phone calls. They are fraudulent and should be reported to the police or other authorities.