绿党支持 “安全学校” 计划,将激进的性别教育理论强加给儿童。 绿党也支持药物注射室,反对加强打击犯罪的法律。

绿党也希望对房产开徵高额的新税,反对任何新的高速公路,例如东西环线道路 (East West Link)。

如果绿党和工党联手,一起取得下一届州政府的执政。 此举对于维州全民而言是非常危险的。 如想要一个理性且负责任的政府,请将您神圣宝贵的一票,投给自由党联盟。


英文版/English version

Beware of voting for Greens and Labor

Many people think the Greens party are only about protecting the environment. However, the Greens have many radical and dangerous policies.

The Greens support the “safe schools” program that pushes radical gender theories on to children. They support drug injecting rooms. They oppose stronger laws to tackle crime.

The Greens also want high new taxes on property, and they oppose any new freeways such as East West Link.

If the Greens join with Labor as the next state government, it will be very dangerous for Victoria. The only safe vote for sensible and responsible government is to vote for the Liberal Nationals coalition.