除此外,我们还将改革保释法,像杀人犯 Shire Ali 这种获得保释,又违反保释条件的恐怖份子将自动监禁入狱。


英文版/English version

Urgent action needed on terrorism gaps


The recent terrorist attack in Melbourne has highlighted serious gaps in Victoria’s anti-terrorism protections that need urgent action.

Legislation promised last year to give police power to obtain restriction orders against terrorism suspects has still not been enacted, leaving police without an important tool to help keep Victorians safe.

A Liberal Nationals state government will enact these laws urgently, and will provide Victoria Police with additional analysts and surveillance staff, more police patrols on city streets and additional police officers trained in advanced counterterrorism operations.

We will also reform bail laws so that anyone who is given bail and then breaches their bail requirements, such as terrorist killer Shire Ali, will automatically go to jail.