当把隐私託付给 Daniel Andrews…

上週维州的州长 Daniel Andrews 公开发佈 8万页的文件,洋洋洒洒试图攻击自由党领袖 Matthew Guy,批评他在规划部长时所做的一项规划决定。


看来政府为了试图攻击 Matthew Guy 先生,迫切之下粗心大意,胡乱东拼西凑,并未仔细检查文件资料,也并未考虑可能造成的伤害。

见微知着,从这小小的细节可发现,州长 Daniel Andrews 不值得被託付,如此的处事,他又怎能被人民信任能确保隐私资料的安全?又怎能确保政府不会滥用它所收集到的个人资讯,


英文版/English version

Don’t trust Daniel Andrews with your data


Last week Premier Daniel Andrews publicly released 80,000 pages of documents to try to attack Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, over a planning decision.


However, when people started looking through these documents, they found that many of the documents had nothing to do with the planning decision. Instead, they contained many private and personal details about individuals, including their home addresses, their income and assets and their medical records.


It appears that the government was so reckless in its attempt to attack Mr Guy that it didn’t care or check whether other data was included, or think about the harm it could cause.


If Premier Andrews can’t be trusted about this, how can he be trusted to keep safe and not misuse any of the other personal data that his government collects, such as drivers licence details, hospital records, school students’ records or tax information?