庆祝中国移民 200周年

週日数百人齐聚墨尔本市政厅,纪念有纪录以来,首位中国移民抵达澳洲满 200 年。

麦世英于 1818 年从广州抵达悉尼,他在澳洲使用的英文名叫 John Shying,从事过木匠,经营过旅馆等多样生意,皆取得相当成就。 麦世英本人与一位爱尔兰妻子共结连理,育有四子,写下了中国移民澳洲的里程碑。


我很荣幸代表自由党领袖 Matthew Guy,在活动中代表维州自由党致词祝贺,并听取麦世英的后代子孙,分享他们先祖的移民故事。


英文版/English version

Celebrating 200 years of Chinese migration


Hundreds of people gathered in the Melbourne Town Hall on Sunday to commemorate 200 years since the first recorded Chinese immigrant arrived in Australia.


Mak Sai Ying arrived in Sydney from Guangzhou (Canton) in 1818, and adopted the English name John Shying. He worked as a carpenter, and then ran a successful hotel and several other businesses, married an Irish wife and had four sons.


Since then, many thousands of Chinese people have come from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore and other countries to make Australia their home and have helped make Australia the successful international nation it is today.


I was honoured to represent Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, at the celebrations, to give the congratulations of the Victorian Liberal Nationals, and to hear some of Mak Sai Ying’s Australian descendants talk about their famous ancestor.