多数的维州市议会只提供 “寄信投票” 的投票方式,选民在邮箱中都会收到投票信,选票填写完毕后于 10 月 21 日星期五下午 6 点前将投票信寄出。 对于维州 6 个有提供现场投票的市政府, 选民可在 10 月 22 日周六当天前往开票所,并亲自投下您神圣的一票。



如果想知道更多资讯,可参考   https://www.vec.vic.gov.au/OtherLanguages/InformationInMandarin.html?lang=zh-cn

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Council elections – don’t forget to vote


Voting for Council elections ends this week, and voting is compulsory.


Most Councils in Victoria have only postal voting. Voters have been sent voting papers in the mail, and voters must complete these ballot papers and put them in the post by 6pm this Friday, 21 October. Six councils have voting in person at a voting centre on Saturday, 22 October.


Everyone who is enrolled as a voter for State elections is required to vote in their council election, whether they are a homeowner or a tenant. As well, people who own property in a council area can also vote even if they don’t live in the council area.


Councils are responsible for many of the facilities and services available in your neighbourhood, so it’s important to exercise your right to help choose your council representatives.


For more information, see www.vec.vic.gov.au, including information in Chinese.