然则,州长 Daniel Andrews 和工党集体否决该修正案。 其结果是,法官将能继续对暴力攻击救护人员、警察和护士的犯人重罪轻判。

如工党当时支持,法律修正案在上周就已发生,但由于工党阻挡修正案的通过,犯罪份子仍可被重罪轻判。 如 11 月的维州大选中胜选,自由党联盟政府将採取行动,亡羊补牢,解决这类问题,强化法制,保护社区邻里,保护维州人民的安全。


英文版/English version

Labor blocks tougher laws for paramedic attacks


Last week in the Victorian Parliament, the Liberal Nationals attempted to pass stronger laws to punish criminals who attack emergency workers.


The law needs to be changed to stop judges allowing criminals to use weak excuses to avoid going to jail.


However, Premier Andrews and the Labor Party voted to block the new laws. As a result, judges will continue to be able to give weak sentences to criminals who attack ambulance officers, police or hospital emergency nurses.


The law could have been changed last week if Labor had allowed it, but because Labor blocked it, criminals will continue to get weak sentences. A Liberal Nationals government will act to fix this if elected at November’s state election.