Andrews 州长和他的政府正试图强迫墨尔本巴士营运商,让其同意将他们的巴士和相关资产转交给政府。

这是维州政府试图为工会谋取更多权力的一步棋,也是令人极其担忧的举动。 政府尝试通过让中小企业与家族企业退出市场,并以大企业或国有企业取而代之,以此给予工会更庞大的控制权。




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Labor tries to take bus operators’ assets


Premier Andrews and his government are trying to force Melbourne bus operators to agree to hand over their buses and other assets to the government.


This is part of a worrying attempt by the state Labor government to give unions more power and more members, by shutting down small and family owned businesses and replacing them with large companies or government run services, which will allow the unions to have more control.


School cleaners, truck drivers who own their own vehicles, and labour hire firms are also being threatened by the government.


Giving more power to unions, government organisations and large companies will mean more expensive and less reliable services for customers and the public.