维州监察专员公署 ( Victorian Ombudsman ) 此前发现,在 2014 年维州大选期间,工党部长和州议员不当使用超过 $387,000 澳元的公款,秘密给工党聘用竞选人员。

时至今日,儘管有维州监察专员的调查在先,但州长 Daniel Andrews 并未解聘任何一位涉案部长。 Daniel Andrews 先生至少应要求这些部长,在警方调查结果出炉前,先暂时请辞,配合调查。

对一个自由和安全的社会而言,有一点至关重要,那就是政府必需值得人民的信赖,也绝不能腐败。 当州长 Daniel Andrews 先试图阻止监察专员的调查,而后又拒绝对涉及不当使用公款的部长与议员们採取行动时,不但证明他辜负了人民对他的期待与信任,更坐实他根本完全不值得人民的信任。


英文版/English version

Police to investigate possible crimes by Labor MPs


Victoria Police announced last week that the police Fraud and Extortion Squad will investigate whether Labor Ministers and other MPs should face criminal charges for the misuse of public funds.


The Victorian Ombudsman has previously found that Labor Ministers and other MPs misused more than $387,000 of public funds to secretly hire staff to campaign for the Labor Party during the 2014 State election.


So far, Premier Andrews has not sacked any of his Ministers, despite the Ombudsman’s findings. Mr Andrews should at least require these Ministers to step down from their roles until the police investigation has been completed.


It is vital for a free and secure society that governments be trustworthy and without corruption. By trying to block the Ombudsman’s investigation, and then refusing to take action against the Ministers and other MPs who have misused public funds, Mr Andrews has shown he cannot be trusted.