此前,维州警方对几名可能涉案的工作人员提问, 那些人员于2014 年维州选举期间,遭秘密聘用,共调用 $387,000 澳元公款,用在工党 2014 年的维州选举上。



但也正因如此,当州长 Daniel Andrews 允许他的政党,抨击警方的处理和调查时,这着实令人担忧。




英文版/English version

Labor Party tries to pressure police over investigation


The Victorian Labor Party last week publicly criticised police for their investigation of whether Labor Ministers and other MPs should face criminal charges for the misuse of public funds.


This followed Victoria Police questioning some of the staff who were secretly hired using $387,000 of public money to campaign for the Labor Party during the 2014 state election.


Victoria is very fortunate that our police are independent of government, and investigate crime and charge offenders without political interference or direction.


It is therefore very concerning that Premier Andrews is allowing his party to attack police over their handling of the investigation. The police should be allowed to continue their investigation, and if the police believe Labor MPs have committed a crime, those MPs should be prosecuted.