与此同时,慈善机构正鼓励大家捐款,以实际行动帮助那些因电价和天然气价格高昂而无法在今年冬天有效取暖的家庭们。 最近即使其他州的能源价格已下跌,但由于 Andrews 政府的政策关闭了 Hazelwood 发电厂,也终止开启新的天然气项目,种种政策措施导致维州能源价格不断飙升,屡创新高。


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Soaring energy prices hurting jobs and families


Jobs and families across Victoria are being hurt by soaring electricity and gas prices.


Parliament last week was told of businesses including bakeries, hotels commercial laundries and food storage centres whose energy costs have risen by so much that they are having to lay off employees or reduce their working hours.


At the same time, charities are now begging for donations to help families who can’t afford to keep warm this winter because gas and electricity have become so expensive.


Energy prices in other states have fallen recently, but prices have kept on increasing in Victoria, due to the Andrews government’s policies that have closed Hazelwood power station and stopped new gas projects.