Andrews 政府未能兑现当初安装大型电池的承诺,全民承担苦果。 为确保今年夏天供电稳定,政府在 4 月初承诺,将在 8 月份开始安装大型电池因应用电,然则直至今天,使用电池供电犹如海市蜃楼,迟迟没有消息。

相反的,政府决定安装高污染的大型柴油发电机,对比今年早前关闭的Hazelwood 发电厂 1600 兆瓦的发电功率,大型柴油发电机的发电效能仅 100 兆瓦。




英文版/English version

Victoria’s energy shortage continues


The Andrews government has failed to deliver a promise to install large batteries to help ensure electricity supply this summer. The government promised the batteries in April, with installation due to start in August, but installation has still not started.


Instead, highly polluting diesel generators will be installed. These will provide just 100MW of extra power, compared with the 1600MW that was lost when the Hazelwood power station closed earlier this year.


With rising prices and power shortages, elderly Victorians are at risk from extreme heat if they can’t afford to turn on their air conditioners to keep cool.


If you have an elderly relative or friend, make sure they don’t get too hot and that they drink plenty of liquids.