墨尔本需要 East West Link与 North East Link

近期有个振奋人心的好消息,自由党政府,总理谭保已提供 50 亿澳币协助兴建 “东西高速道路” (East West Link) 和 “东北高速道路” (North East Link)。
墨尔本需要 East West Link ,也需要 North East Link。 可惜只有自由党会支持这两个项目,反观Andrews 政府不但不支持 East West Link,他更耗费 13 亿澳币的纳税血汗钱,支付违约金来废除已签订的合约。
East West Link 和 North East Link 乃相辅相成的重大建设,如只兴建 North East Link 而忽略 East West Link,则每天将有数以十万计的汽车涌入”东部高速道路” (Eastern Freeway) ,拥堵的车流不但难以流畅,反而会更趋恶化。                                                                                                              
除此外,有关 North East Link 的最佳路线规划尚需进一步研讨,如此方能真正确保车流的顺畅及拥堵的舒缓。



英文版/ English version

Melbourne needs both East West Link and North East Link


It is welcome news that Prime Minister Turnbull’s Liberal government has offered nearly $5 billion to help build both the East West Link and the North East Link.


Melbourne needs both the East West Link and North East Link. However, only the Liberal Party supports both projects. Premier Andrews doesn’t support East West Link, and he wasted $1.3 billion of taxpayer’s money to cancel the contract to build it.


If North East Link is built without East West Link, it will force an extra 100,000 cars a day onto the Eastern Freeway, causing even more congestion.


There also needs to be more study done to identify the best route for North East Link.