墨尔本煤气与电价上涨 13%

新数据显示,今年至今天为止,墨尔本的煤气和电费已飙涨 13%,等同平均每个家庭,每年帐单支出增加约 300澳币。


与此同时,悉尼和布里斯班的电价却开始走跌,这再次显示,Daniel Andrews 政府的能源政策下,维州人民受到极大的冲击,也付出不小的代价。


一系列的能源政策,导致 Hazelwood 电厂提早关闭,也禁止维州土地上勘探与开採煤气,迫使人民为电价支付高昂费用,再将其用于补贴风力发电厂。


自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 承诺,自由国家党联盟政府将终止维州境内勘探和开採煤气的禁令,并结束强制迫使消费者支付高昂费用,用以补贴风力发电厂的决议。


英文版/English version

Melbourne’s gas and electricity prices increase by 13%


The latest official figures show that gas and electricity prices in Melbourne have increased by a huge 13% so far this year, adding about $300 a year to the average home energy bill. 


At the same time, electricity prices actually fell in Sydney and Brisbane.  This shows how much harm Victorians are suffering due to the energy policies of the Andrews government.


These policies have led to the early closure of the Hazelwood power station, prohibited exploring for and extracting gas from land in Victoria, and forced Victorians to pay higher electricity prices in order to subsidise wind farms.


Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has committed that a Victorian Liberal-Nationals government will end the ban on exploring for and extracting gas on land in Victoria, and will also end state schemes that force consumers to pay more to subsidise wind farms.