墨尔本中华青年会欢庆 50 周年

CYSM (墨尔本中华青年会) 成立于1968年,给居住在墨尔本,有中国文化背景的年轻人,提供良好的社交活动平台。早期的活动从桌球、武术、表演到节庆晚餐等无所不包。


现今的CYSM 也有许多不同的活动,包括舞龙舞狮、武术、民族舞蹈和龙舟等体育队伍,其成员来自多元的背景。


CYSM 的表演总是华丽又充满创意,今年位于墨尔本市中心的表演自然也不例外,融合传统与创意,演绎出经典的水浒传”传奇。


CYSM将于42日,周一下午三点,举办独一无二的 50周年音乐会。

想了解更多有关 CYSM 的资讯,或预定音乐会门票,请登入 www.cysm.org


英文版/English version

Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne celebrates 50 years


The Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.


CYSM was founded in 1968 to provide social activities for young people of Chinese background living in Melbourne. Early activities included table tennis, kung fu, and performances and dinners for Chinese festivals.


Now the CYSM has many different events and activities including Lion Dance, Dragon Dance, Kung Fu, Folk Dancing, Dragon Boat Racing and sports teams, and it has members from many different backgrounds.


The CYSM Chinese New Year performances in Melbourne CBD are always spectacular and innovative.  This year’s performance was about the legends of the Water Margin.


The CYSM is holding a special 50th Anniversary concert on Monday, 2nd April from 3pm.  To find out more about CYSM, or to book concert tickets, see www.cysm.org.