感谢来自澳大利亚两名妇女的手工艺术,30 万朵手工罂粟花绽放在国际知名的伦敦 Chelsea 花展。


30 万朵罂粟花是为了纪念那些在战争中为他们的国家牺牲的英雄们,Lynn Berry 和 Margaret Knight 发起活动,手工製作罂粟花来纪念参加二次世界大战的父亲,其后数百名来自世界各地的朋友共同参与,一起完成手工编织罂粟花的纪念活动。


第一次世界大战中因许多年轻人战死异乡,在洒下鲜血的土地上长出鲜红的罂粟花,从此罂粟花成为缅怀纪念这些英灵的象徵。 对我们所有人而言,纪念并尊重那些在战争中勇敢为国捐躯的英雄们是无比的重要。 没有他们的牺牲,就没有今日的和平安定,更不会有明日的繁荣发展。


死而不亡者寿,让他们的英勇,伴随三十万朵红花, 在我们的纪念下,流传于世,似江河之流长,齐日月之辉光。



英文版/ English version

Poppies honour war dead


Thanks to the work of two Australian women, a field of 300,000 handcrafted poppies has been displayed as part of the internationally famous Chelsea Flower Show in London.


The display is a tribute of respect and remembrance for all who have served their country in wars, conflicts of peacekeeping operations. Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight started the project in memory of their fathers, who had fought in World War Two. Hundreds of others from around the world joined in to knit or crochet poppies for the display.


The poppy became a symbol of remembrance for those killed in war after poppies grew on the battlefields of Flanders in World War One, where so many young men had recently died.


It is important for all of us to remember and pay respect to the bravery and sacrifice of those who have fought and died to serve their country in war.