Daniel Andrews 必需为投机取巧给一个解释

Daniel Andrews must answer about money taken and misused by Labor MPs


维州监察专员发现,在 2014 年维州选举期间,工党议员与部长等多位官员,涉及不当使用超过 $387,000 澳币公款,秘密聘用工作人员为工党助选。

东窗事发后,州长 Daniel Andrews 拒绝为警方提供任何证据协助调查,并耗费大量公款与公共资源阻止警方调查的进行。

如果 Daniel Andrews 先生在涉案东窗事发后,拒绝向警方说出不当使用公款的真相,无法以身作则,那他又怎能值得我们信任? 怎能成为一个好州长呢?


英文版/English version

Daniel Andrews must give answers over rorting

It was reported last week that the police will soon start questioning Labor Ministers and other MPs about possible criminal charges for the misuse of public funds.

The Victorian Ombudsman has found that Labor Ministers and other MPs misused more than $387,000 of public funds to secretly hire staff to campaign for the Labor Party during the 2014 State election.

However, Premier Daniel Andrews has refused to give evidence to any official investigations, and has spent huge amounts of public money on legal cases to try to block the investigations.

If Mr Andrews won’t tell the truth to police about this mis-use of public money, how can he be trusted as the Premier of our state?