Liberals to make school text books free


如果自由党政府 11 月当选执政,那公立中学和高中的学童将不再需要支付学校教科书的费用。

对于拥有两名在学孩童的家庭而言,每年可省下高达 1,000 澳币的费用。

当前 Daniel Andrews 治理下,生活成本一路飙升,许多家庭为了给子女提供更好的教育而捉襟见肘,而政府提供免费教科书,对于这些家庭而言犹如久旱逢甘霖,帮助不小。





英文版/ English version

Free school books for students under Liberals

Families with students at government secondary schools will no longer have to pay for school textbooks if a Liberal state government is elected in November.

This will save up to $1,000 a year for a family with two secondary students. It will be a big help

for Victorian families struggling to provide their children with a good education and cope with ever increasing cost of living pressures under the Andrews government.

Under the Liberals, families won’t be required to buy textbooks for their students. Instead, schools will purchase the textbooks for students to use while they are studying a subject, and the students will then return the books at the end of the semester or year.

This will not be restricted on the number of students a family has, and will not be means tested, so all families with students at government secondary schools will be able to save money from this reform.