看来我应无法在这次的维州大选中再次连任,所以本篇也将是我作为 Box Hill 议员来的最后一篇文章。


能够代表 Box Hill 成为维州议会代表是一种荣幸,我非常重视与许多华人社团和白马市亚裔商会的宝贵互动与合作。



未来许多年内,维州的生活方式将面临许多挑战。 即便我不在位上 ,但我也将尽我所能,说对的话,做对的事,透过隻字片语,警告危险,保障我们社区邻里的安全,教导我们后代正确的价值观;提倡不债留子孙,不提高人民税务负担,量力而为的情况下,推动基础建设,给建立维州美好、健全且负责任的政府做一分努力。

最后,再次感谢大家长年以来的支持;努力与付出。 珍重,再会


英文版/English version


It now seems likely that I have not been re-elected in the Victorian elections, so that this will be my final article as MP for Box Hill.

I hope you have found my articles of interest in covering important topics about the Victorian government and Victorian politics.

It has been a privilege to represent the community as MP for Box Hill. I have valued the opportunity to work with many Chinese community organisations and with the Asian Business Association of Whitehorse. 

One important role I have tried to fulfill is to built understanding and communication between residents of Chinese background and the broader community. It is often not easy starting to live in a new country with a different language, but most Australians are friendly and welcoming, and there are many opportunities for new arrivals to join in different community activities.

Victoria faces many threats to our way of life over the years ahead. I intend to continue to do all I can to warn of dangers and help bring about sound and responsible government that keeps the community safe, teaches our children well and provides the infrastructure we need without burdening future generations with high debt and taxes.