举例来说,自 Andrews 当选州长以来,入室犯罪 (在家中有人时,强行闯入民宅犯罪) 涨幅高达 42%,抢劫案则有 33% 的增幅。

对比其它州的犯罪减少,维州犯罪的涨幅就犹如鹤立鸡群般突兀。 为了让维州再次安全,我们需要一个确保刑期合理且吓阻犯罪,司法制度强大并能保护受害人的政府。 在面对犯罪增长的议题上,相信我们可以做的更多,做得更好。


英文版/English version

High crime rates continue


The latest crime statistics published last week show that crimes rates remain high in Victoria.


Assaults, robberies, sexual offences and home invasions are all far higher now than they were just three years ago.


For example, since Premier Andrews was elected, home invasions – breaking into people’s homes when they are inside – have increased by 42 per cent, and robberies have increased by 33 per cent.


At the same time as crime has increased in Victoria, crime has fallen in other states.   To make Victoria safe again, we need a government that will ensure stronger sentences and a strong justice system.