自由党将推动 PSO白天进驻车站

Liberals to have PSOs during daytime at up to 20 stations, including Box Hill

如果自由党在 11 月的维州大选中胜选,自由党维州政府白天将在墨尔本多个火车站安排 PSO(武装保安) 进驻。

在上一届自由党政府执政时期,自由党推动武装保安,简称 PSO (Protective  Services Officers) 进驻墨尔本多个火车站。


自由党的执政下,PSO 将于白天在墨尔本多达20 多个火车站值勤,其中也包括我选区内的  Box Hill火车站。

推动 PSO 白天进驻车站值勤是自由党多项改革之一,其目的就是要让犯罪问题重新回到控制,找回维州曾经失去的安全与美好。


英文版/English version

Liberals to have daytime PSOs at train stations

A Liberal state government will put Victoria Police Protective Services Officers during the day time at train stations across Melbourne, if elected at November’s state election.

The previous Liberal government introduced PSOs at train stations at night time, and it has been highly successful. It has made our train system safer and given train users the confidence to travel by train at night.

Under a Liberal state government, PSOs will operate during daytime hours at up to 20 train stations across Melbourne, including at Box Hill station in my electorate.

Having daytime PSOs at train stations is one of the Liberals’ reforms to get crime back under control and make Victoria safe again.