据上週资料显示,维州政府平交道口移除计画将比原定预算多花 33亿澳币,West Gate 隧道项目开销也将比预算多 12亿,而 Monash 心脏医院亦比预计成本多耗资 3.2亿。

为了弥补预算爆表,花钱如流水。 Andrews 政府自当选以来已开徵或拉高多达 12 个项目的税,其中包括新徵收或加重的房产税﹑新车税、煤矿税、赌博税、新增或拉高的道路使用税等。

如果仔细注意就会发现,维州税每年增加总额约 40亿澳币,平均每个家庭每年需要额外支出超过 $1,000 澳币的税收,直至目前为止,维州已成为全澳大利亚徵税最多的州。



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Victorian taxes rise as project costs blow out


Victorians face paying higher taxes due to blowouts in the costs of large state government projects


It was revealed last week that the cost of the level crossing removal program will be $3.3 billion higher than the government said it would be, while the cost of West Gate Tunnel will be $1.2 billion higher and the cost of the Monash heart hospital will be $320 million higher.


To help pay for its cost blowouts, the Andrews government has already imposed 12 new or increased taxes since it was elected, including several new and increased property taxes, as well as taxes on new car purchases, coal mining and gambling and new and increased road use charges.


Victorian annual state taxes have increased by $4 billion a year since the Andrews government was elected, or an average of more than $1000 a year for every family. Victoria is now the highest taxing state in Australia.


Victorians need a government that will spend taxpayers’ money wisely instead of allowing huge increases in the cost of large projects.