虽然某类别的犯罪呈现下降趋势,但在人身攻击犯罪仍逐步上升,对比三年前,这类犯罪增长 17%。


此类犯罪对比 2014 年同期,家庭入侵犯罪增长高达 48%。 与此同时,新州家庭入侵犯罪则大幅度下降。



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Violent crime rising in Victoria, falling in NSW


The latest crime statistics published last week show that violent crime is continuing to rise in Victoria.


While some categories of crime have fallen, crimes of attack and assault on people have continued to rise. These crimes are now 17% higher than they were just three years ago.


Crimes such as home invasion – when offenders enter to rob and steal while residents are at home – are now 48% higher than they were in 2014, at the same time as crime has been falling dramatically in NSW.


Sentences for criminals in NSW are much tougher that in Victoria. We need stronger sentences in Victoria so criminals can’t simply keep on offending.