事发当时,受害者在 Flinder St 上,正准备支付停车费时,遭遇约 10 名少年团伙袭击,他的钱包、手机与汽车钥匙皆被洗劫。

犹忆两年前,墨尔本 Moomba 节庆期间,帮派发生乱斗,群众遭受鱼池之殃。 当时州长 Andrews 先生信誓旦旦承诺,将採取强硬措施,可惜雷声大,雨点小,他最终并没有强硬处理,而时至今日,帮派依然嚣张,犯罪依旧猖狂。

Andrews 政府不但没有解决问题,更掩耳盗铃的批评那些说维州有少年帮派犯罪的人。

Andrews 先生应该正视问题,解决问题,而不是掩耳盗铃般欲盖弥彰。 唯有正视,方能改变,也才能给维州带来正义的曙光,安全的希望。


英文版/English version

Gang crime problem continues


Last week another innocent victim was robbed by a gang of youths in the centre of Melbourne.


The victim was in Flinders Street, going to pay for a parking ticket for his car, when a gang of about 10 youths attacked him and stole his wallet, phone and car keys.


Two years ago, when gangs rioted in Melbourne during the Moomba festival, Premier Andrews promised to take tough action. However, he has failed to do so, and gang crime continues.


Instead of fixing the problem, the Andrews government has started to criticise people even for saying that Victoria has a problem with youth crime gangs.


Mr Andrews should be fixing the problem, not criticising people for saying we have a problem.