如何投票 – 2018 年维州大选



2018 年维州大选已开始,民众已可以提前投票,由于选举投票的方式较为複杂,所以如果您在今年维州选举中投票,请确保正确填写投票单,避免成为废票。

当投票时,您将获得两张投票单。 在大型的投票单上,您只需在横线上,您支持的政党栏位填选 1 即可。

但在小型的选票上,除了在您想投的候选人位置填选 1,还需在所有剩下的空格中,按照自己喜好的候选人顺序,以数字填选。 请勿使用打勾或画叉的方式投票。



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How to Vote -2018 Victoria state election

Make sure you fill out your state election voting papers correctly.

Early voting has now started for the Victorian election. Voting in VIctorian elections can be complicated, so if you are voting in this year’s state election, make sure you fill out your voting papers correctly.

When you vote, you will be given two voting papers to complete. On the large voting paper, you are only required to put the number 1 in the box at the top of the column for the party you want to vote for.

However, on the small voting paper, you start with the number 1 for the candidate you would like to vote for, and then put a number in every square, with no ticks or crosses.  If you put a number in one square only, your vote won’t be counted.

Voting in elections to choose your Member of Parliament is a precious right – make sure your vote isn’t wasted.