上週新闻报导,维州政府希望给予消防工会 (UFU) 更多的权力,使其得以控制维州消防局的营运模式。

一旦拥有这些权力,UFU 可轻易否决任何消防局和紧急救援服务间的协议与安排。 此举意味着工会能够阻挡许多重大的决议,例如森林救火、展开救援行动及恐怖攻击时的危机处理。

除此外,消防局也将禁止使用 CCTV监视器或员工电脑上的资料,以其作为申诉消防员霸凌、浏览色情网页等不当行为的证据。

州长 Daniel Andrews 权力下放给工会,用以换取工会对其在选举时的支持,此类行为是可耻的。给予消防工会过度庞大的权力,不但不利于维州消防服务运营,对于保护维州人民免于火灾的危险等决议上更有着负面的影响。


英文版/English version

Don’t give more powers to firefighters union


News became public last week that the Victorian government wants to give huge additional powers to the firefighters’ union, the UFU, to control how Victoria’s fire brigades are run.


Under these powers, the UFU will be able to veto any agreement or arrangement between the fire brigade and any other emergency service. This means the union will be able to block important arrangements such as about how to fight bushfires, conduct rescues or deal with terrorist attacks.


As well, fire brigades will not be allowed to use evidence from CCTV in fire stations or from material on an employee’s computer for disciplining firefighters about bullying, accessing pornography or other misconduct.


It is disgraceful that Premier Andrews is giving these powers to a union in exchange for the union supporting him in an election. Giving the UFU these powers will make it much harder for Victoria’s fire services to be run well to protect Victorians from fire and other dangers.