European-style high speed rail for Victoria

This Liberal Nationals commitment for European-style high speed rail in Victoria has the potential to transform our state, taking the pressure off Melbourne and opening up fast access to and from our regional centres. It ... Read More

Help for children with autism and their families

Children with autism and their families can face huge challenges in life. We are still struggling as a society to understand the seemingly ever-growing numbers of children with autism, and how best to give them ... Read More

A fair go for boaties

A Victorian Liberal Nationals government will use all of the revenue raised from boat licence and other fees to put $27.7 million a year into upgrading boat ramps, jetties, etc. This is good news for ... Read More

Better home-based health care

A Matthew Guy Liberal Nationals Government will provide $175 million in funding to expand community and home-based care, and support for Victorians with chronic disease who can safely be treated outside hospital. This will mean ... Read More
Labor rort, you pay

Labor rort, you pay

Labor have used their numbers to block every attempt to have the Legislative Assembly hold rorting Labor MPs to account. Geoff Shaw was held to account in the previous Parliament, but Labor won't apply the ... Read More

Liberals to establish Retirement Housing Ombudsman

A Liberal Nationals government will introduce a Retirement Housing Ombudsman to ensure older Victorians living in retirement housing are treated fairly and honestly and can enjoy a comfortable and secure retirement. It's an initiative I ... Read More

Protecting our suburbs

A Liberal Nationals government will introduce strict new planning rules within its first 100 days of office to protect the liveability and character of our residential streets and neighbourhoods. This will help protect suburbs across ... Read More
Wire rope barriers

Botched wire rope barrier roll-out puts lives at risk

The installation of kilometres of wire rope barriers on Victorian country roads so close to the roadway has been an appalling breach of VicRoads' own design guidelines. Sooner or later, it's likely to end in ... Read More
CIS Palliative care study

Thousands die in needless pain due to lack of palliative care

A study released today highlights the huge numbers of people who die in needless pain each year due to lack of palliative care. In Victoria, the government's answer is "voluntary assisted dying" for an estimated ... Read More
Support for better palliative care

Liberal Nationals pledge support for palliative care

When someone is terminally ill, they should be helped to spend cherished time with their loved ones, not left to die in pain because they can’t get proper palliative care. Victoria is fortunate that we ... Read More
Government forcing more density onto our suburbs

Government forcing more density onto our suburbs

The recent changes to planning laws made by the Andrews government are designed to force even more development density into established suburbs. The changes include removing the current two dwellings per block limit in Neighbourhood ... Read More
Taxpayers pay for Dan's coverup

Premier Andrews slugs taxpayers for his failed rorts coverup attempt

While Don Nardella has been rorting taxpayers for $175,000, Premier Andrews himself has misused an even larger amount of taxpayer funds. He's slugged the taxpayer for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills trying ... Read More
Labor's priority themselves, not Victorians

Labor’s priority is protecting themselves, not Victorians

Instead of protecting Victorians, Labor's priority is protecting themselves. This week in State Parliament, the government should have been urgently passing legislation to tackle Victoria's law and order crisis. Instead, their priority is to have ... Read More
Box Hill remembers world war one sacrifice

Box Hill remembers World War One sacrifice

Today’s Remembrance Day service in Box Hill Gardens saw the unveiling of a new plaque to commemorate all who served in World War One. The plaque was unveiled by Ellen Martin and James Garner-Drummond, students ... Read More
Costs soar but ambulances arrive no quicker

Costs soar, but ambulances arrive no quicker

Before the election, Daniel Andrews told Victorians our ambulance system was in crisis and he would fix it. It's now become clear all Mr Andrews has “fixed” is an expensive pay deal with the paramedics ... Read More
High density threat continues

High density threat continues for Melbourne’s east

Further signs have emerged today of the threat to Melbourne's eastern and southern suburbs of more high density development in residential streets. Planning "experts" reported by The Age have now supported last week's recommendation by ... Read More
Government pushes choose your own gender law

Push for “choose your own gender” law

Hard to believe, but the Andrews government is trying to push a new law through Parliament to allow people to choose for themselves what sex is listed on their birth certificate, regardless of their biology ... Read More

Court rejects rorts inquiry gag attempt

There's a powerful editorial in today’s Herald Sun on Premier Andrews’ arrogant folly in thinking he can break the law and get away with it. Yesterday, the Supreme Court threw out Mr Andrews’ attempt to ... Read More