Government forcing more density onto our suburbs

Government forcing more density onto our suburbs

The recent changes to planning laws made by the Andrews government are designed to force even more development density into established suburbs. The changes include removing the current two dwellings per block limit in Neighbourhood ... Read More
Taxpayers pay for Dan's coverup

Premier Andrews slugs taxpayers for his failed rorts coverup attempt

While Don Nardella has been rorting taxpayers for $175,000, Premier Andrews himself has misused an even larger amount of taxpayer funds. He's slugged the taxpayer for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills trying ... Read More
Labor's priority themselves, not Victorians

Labor’s priority is protecting themselves, not Victorians

Instead of protecting Victorians, Labor's priority is protecting themselves. This week in State Parliament, the government should have been urgently passing legislation to tackle Victoria's law and order crisis. Instead, their priority is to have ... Read More
Box Hill remembers world war one sacrifice

Box Hill remembers World War One sacrifice

Today’s Remembrance Day service in Box Hill Gardens saw the unveiling of a new plaque to commemorate all who served in World War One. The plaque was unveiled by Ellen Martin and James Garner-Drummond, students ... Read More
Costs soar but ambulances arrive no quicker

Costs soar, but ambulances arrive no quicker

Before the election, Daniel Andrews told Victorians our ambulance system was in crisis and he would fix it. It's now become clear all Mr Andrews has “fixed” is an expensive pay deal with the paramedics ... Read More
High density threat continues

High density threat continues for Melbourne’s east

Further signs have emerged today of the threat to Melbourne's eastern and southern suburbs of more high density development in residential streets. Planning "experts" reported by The Age have now supported last week's recommendation by ... Read More
Government pushes choose your own gender law

Push for “choose your own gender” law

Hard to believe, but the Andrews government is trying to push a new law through Parliament to allow people to choose for themselves what sex is listed on their birth certificate, regardless of their biology ... Read More

Court rejects rorts inquiry gag attempt

There's a powerful editorial in today’s Herald Sun on Premier Andrews’ arrogant folly in thinking he can break the law and get away with it. Yesterday, the Supreme Court threw out Mr Andrews’ attempt to ... Read More
Long Tan Cross

Vietnam Veterans Day marks 50th anniversary of Long Tan

Each year on 18 August, we honour and commemorate all those who served in Vietnam. This Vietnam Veterans Day also marks the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan, Australia’s most costly single military ... Read More
Labor will fix the ambulance crisis - NOT

Ambulance response times not improving

Remember when Labor said there was an ambulance crisis and only they would "fix" it? Well, it's now been revealed that the average ambulance response time has barely changed under Labor, and many response times ... Read More
Chelsea Flower Show poppies

5000 Poppies project at Chelsea Flower Show

A spectacular field of 300,000 handcrafted poppies now covers the central lawn of the Royal Hospital Chelsea, thanks to the 5000 Poppies project. The 5000 Poppies project began as a small personal tribute by two ... Read More
Premier's own experts say we need EWL

Premier’s own experts back East West Link

Today's Herald Sun reports that Infrastructure Victoria has listed East West Link as a key project for Victoria's future. These are Daniel Andrews’ own hand-picked experts agreeing that Melbourne needs the East West Link. It ... Read More
Kinder staff not covered by no jab rules

“No jab” rules don’t apply to kinder and child care staff

It's reported today that the State government's "no jab, no play" rules don't apply to teachers or other staff at kindergartens or child care centres. This seems to leave quite a gap in protecting children ... Read More
Private heart beds show cancer bed folly

Private heart beds show folly of scrapping cancer beds

First Premier Andrews cancels 42 new cancer beds for Peter Mac because they would have treated private patients. Now he plans to rely on private patients from overseas to help prop up his flawed idea ... Read More
Labor slash 40,000 TAFE places

TAFE numbers slashed by Andrews government

The Labor Party talk a lot about valuing education, but the reality is starkly different. Yesterday, the Andrews government quietly released the latest figures on Victorian TAFE enrolments, revealing a massive 14% cut in student ... Read More
Happy families photos aren't a solution

Child protection “shake-up” misses fundamentals

Today' Age reports on a government "shake' up" of the child protection residential care system. You'd like to think this “shake-up” will achieve some good, but it’s hard to be hopeful. There are some great ... Read More
Stuck with Labor, stuck with myki

Opportunity rejected to switch from Myki to Oyster?

According to today's The Age, the company that gave us Myki is set to win a six-year extension of its contract, ahead of Cubic, the operator of London's Oyster card. If this report is right, ... Read More
Skyrail a big risk - Auditor-General

Auditor-General warns of Skyrail risk

It’s been revealed today that Premier Andrews has rushed into inflicting Skyrail across Melbourne’s suburbs without even having a business case. As Victoria’s Auditor-General points out, Skyrail and other level crossing removals are a big ... Read More