$750,000 to improve local traffic flow and cut congestion

$750,000 to improve local traffic flow


A Liberal Nationals government will act to improve traffic flow and safety and cut congestion on main roads in local suburbs including Balwyn, Surrey Hills, Box Hill and Blackburn.

Major east-west and north-south roads have become congested with traffic moving through our suburbs to get to and from the CBD and other destinations, as well as locals trying to get to work, get kids to school or go about their daily lives.

As part of a $750,000 package to improve traffic flow and safety, VicRoads will analyse traffic along main roads including Whitehorse Road, Canterbury Road, Balwyn Road, Union Road, Elgar Road and Middleborough Road.

The analysis will be used to improve traffic light sequencing and other road conditions, and install improvements such as right-turn arrows, new line-marking and enhanced signage, to speed up traffic flow, eliminate safety risks and reduce congestion.

These local improvements by a Liberal Nationals government come alongside other major congestion cutting commitments such as building East West Link and removing dangerous and congested intersections across Melbourne and Geelong.

As well, a Liberal Nationals government will take the population pressure off Melbourne through decentralisation initiatives such as high speed regional rail and a low 1% payroll tax rate for businesses based in rural and regional Victoria.