2018 State Election

Victoria needs an end to the recklessness, ruthlessness and manipulation of the Andrews government.  We need a government that will do the job properly and focus on genuine measures to tackle the problems we face and help make our lives better.

The priorities of the Liberal Nationals include:

  • easing the congestion on our roads and public transport
  • protecting our residential streets and suburbs from over-development
  • stronger laws and sentences to keep our homes and streets safe
  • decentralising Victoria’s growth to take the pressure off Melbourne
  • restoring standards and respect in our schools
  • filling the gaps in health and community service care.

Below are some of the practical, genuine actions that a Liberal Nationals government will take if elected on 24 November.

Make sure you have your say on the future of our state.  As well as voting at a local polling place on 24 November, you can vote early, vote by post, or vote at any polling place in Victoria on election day.  To find out more, see the Victorian Electoral Commission’s website pages on How to Vote, Postal Voting and Away during the election.


Daytime PSOs at stations across Melbourne, including Box Hill

Protective Services Officers have been a great success in keeping our stations safe and giving people the confidence to travel at night. This Liberal Nationals move to have PSOs during the daytime at Box Hill ... Read More

More classrooms and better facilities for Box Hill High School

A Liberal Nationals state government will provide $5.5 million for new classrooms and upgraded facilities at Box Hill High School. Box Hill High is one of Victoria’s best performing schools, but it needs more classrooms ... Read More

European-style high speed rail for Victoria

This Liberal Nationals commitment for European-style high speed rail in Victoria has the potential to transform our state, taking the pressure off Melbourne and opening up fast access to and from our regional centres. It ... Read More

Help for children with autism and their families

Children with autism and their families can face huge challenges in life. We are still struggling as a society to understand the seemingly ever-growing numbers of children with autism, and how best to give them ... Read More

4,000 new Tasers for Victoria Police

A Liberal Nationals government will provide 4,000 new Tasers for Victoria Police to use against violent offenders. Tasers incapacitate an offender with an electric charge so they can be subdued and arrested. With 4,000 additional ... Read More

A fair go for boaties

A Victorian Liberal Nationals government will use all of the revenue raised from boat licence and other fees to put $27.7 million a year into upgrading boat ramps, jetties, etc. This is good news for ... Read More

Better home-based health care

A Matthew Guy Liberal Nationals Government will provide $175 million in funding to expand community and home-based care, and support for Victorians with chronic disease who can safely be treated outside hospital. This will mean ... Read More

$9.5 million to rebuild Koonung Secondary College

A Liberal-Nationals Government will provide $9.5 million for a major upgrade of Koonung Secondary College. The funding will enable an extensive rebuild of the school, with new and upgraded classrooms and facilities, including for sports, ... Read More

The Liberals’ crime solutions

Over the past three years, there's been a huge increase in violent crime and loss of respect for the law. We need the Liberal Nationals’ solutions to help make our homes and streets safe. From ... Read More
We'll Build Both

Liberals will build East West Link

Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has pledged that a Liberal Nationals government will build the East West Link if elected at November’s state election. A Liberal Nationals government will also build the North East Link. However, ... Read More

Liberals to establish Retirement Housing Ombudsman

A Liberal Nationals government will introduce a Retirement Housing Ombudsman to ensure older Victorians living in retirement housing are treated fairly and honestly and can enjoy a comfortable and secure retirement. It's an initiative I ... Read More

Protecting our suburbs

A Liberal Nationals government will introduce strict new planning rules within its first 100 days of office to protect the liveability and character of our residential streets and neighbourhoods. This will help protect suburbs across ... Read More