如果自由党联盟在 11 月当选执政,自由党领袖 Matthew Guy 承诺将结束批文拖延的现状,并增加 29 万个郊区新住房批地。


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Liberals to make more land available for homes


In recent years, it has become much harder and more expensive for young couples and new migrants to afford to buy a first home in Melbourne.


One of the reasons has been long delays by the state government in approving new land being sold for housing in suburbs around the edge of Melbourne.


Liberal leader, Matthew Guy, has promised to end these delays and make an additional 290,000 housing lots available, if a Liberal Nationals government is elected in November.


This will not only make it more affordable to buy a house in a new suburb, it will help reduce the pressure on home prices in established suburbs, making it easier for people to afford their first home whatever suburb they want to live in.