上週在墨尔本郊区,位于 Taylors Hills 的地区发生一起少年团伙的暴动闹事。
事发当时,居民被警告需留在室内,以防危险。 镇暴警察、骑警等穿梭在街道之间,力图阻止暴动,维护秩序。 然则,暴动期间,并未有一名暴动闹事者被捕。
还记得两年前州长 Daniel Andrews 承诺,他将摧毁青少年帮派,而如今,讽刺的是,青少年帮派却正在摧毁我们的社区,并且逍遥于法律之外。


英文版/English version

Victoria needs strong action to stop youth gang riots


Last week there was another youth gang riot in Melbourne’s suburbs, this time in Taylors Hill.


Residents were warned to stay indoors as riot police fought to stop the rioting and mounted police rode through the streets. However, not a single rioter was arrested during the riot.


Two years ago, Premier Daniel Andrews promised he would smash the youth gangs. However, instead youth gangs are continuing to smash our suburbs, and get away with no punishment.


This can’t be allowed to continue. We need a strong government that will end the soft on crime approach and make our community safe again.