工会要求维州工党政府,给West Gate 隧道计画的劳工调涨薪资,并提供更好的工作条件。


然而不幸的是,工会认为州长 Daniel Andrews 为了避免建设完工日期拖延,将会向工会妥协, 以此换取今年 11 月维州大选时有政绩可自夸。



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Wage demands threaten higher infrastructure costs


Unions are demanding high wages and extensive conditions for workers on the Labor government’s West Gate Tunnel project.


If the unions are successful in their demands, it threatens to create a precedent that will make infrastructure projects in Victoria even more expensive than they are at present.


Unfortunately, the unions believe Premier Daniel Andrews will agree to their demands in order to avoid any delay to the project, so he can boast about it during November’s state election.


Victoria needs a government that will insist on fair and reasonable wages and conditions instead of giving in to excessive and unaffordable demands.