亲人一旦失踪,家属心中有太多问题有待解答,是被绑架还是遇害? 他们自己选择离开吗? 是否还活着? 为何至今依然淼无音讯?


英文版/English version

Support for families of missing persons


When a loved one goes missing and can’t be found, their family and friends can suffer for years.


So many questions remain unanswered. Have they been kidnapped or killed?  Did they choose to run away themselves?  Are they still alive and well?  Why can’t they be found?


If elected in November, a Victorian Liberal Nationals Government will establish a special unit to help the family and friends of missing persons, including with counselling, advice, information and speaking to police and courts.


It’s time that Victoria has a government that will put the rights of victims first and provide them with better help and support.