最新的数据显示,墨尔本交通在许多路段上皆是窝行牛步,车速异常缓慢,拥堵高峰每小时行进仅 1 公里。

其中最糟的路段是位于 Clifton Hill 的 Alexandra Parade,由于 Daniel Andrews 取消 “东西环线” (East West Link),导致一连串自 “东部高速” (Eastern Freeway) 开始的拥堵恶况。

维州需要一个自由党领导的政府,只有自由党政府会兴建 “东西环线” (East West Link) 和 “东北高速” (North East Link),撤除危险和拥堵的平交道口,多管齐下。 唯此,方能真正疏通车流,改善当前窝行牛步的交通恶况。


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Melbourne’s traffic at a crawl

The latest figures show that Melbourne’s traffic is at a crawl on many roads, with congestion slowing traffic to as little as 1km an hour at times.

One of the worst is Alexandra Parade in Clifton Hill, where traffic is jammed from the Eastern Freeway because Mr Andrews cancelled the East West Link.

School pickup time is also bad in many suburbs, and commuters from outer suburbs face long queues going to and from work every day.

Victoria needs a Liberal Nationals government that will build both East West Link and North East Link, and will remove dangerous and congested intersections across Melbourne.