How Robert can help

Robert is available to help people and community groups in the Box Hill electorate with anything involving the Victorian government.

Robert or his office can:

  • Recommend the right organisation to contact for the service, support or information you need
  • Provide or track down government leaflets, brochures, forms or other documents
  • Organise congratulatory messages for significant birthdays and anniversaries
  • Present Victorian flags to schools and community organisations
  • Provide talks to school assemblies and classes, and to community organisations, about how Parliament and government works
  • Help schools and community organisations to visit and tour Parliament House
  • Advise on whether a grant might be available for a particular project or activity, and how to apply
  • Provide support for worthwhile local projects
  • Provide advice when you have a problem or issue involving a State government department and agency
  • Ask the relevant Minister to act if a department or agency has not done the right thing or where a law needs to be changed
  • Raise issues in Parliament when the government won’t listen
  • Help you to refer an issue to an Ombudsman or other complaint handling body
  • Refer or raise issues on your behalf with a Federal MP or a local council if the issue is a Commonwealth or local government one.

Robert can organise congratulatory messages from the Prime Minister, Governor, Governor-General and/or the Queen for:

  • 90th birthdays
  • 100th birthdays
  • 50th (golden) wedding anniversaries
  • 60th (diamond) wedding anniversaries
  • 65th wedding anniversaries
  • 70th wedding anniversaries

There’s a helpful guide to congratulatory messages and what’s needed to arrange them at http://www.itsanhonour.gov.au/anniversary/index.cfm

To obtain Robert’s help to organise congratulatory messages for a loved one, contact us at least six weeks before the special day to ensure they arrive on time.

It’s often not easy to work out which level of government is responsible for what, but here’s a quick guide to common areas:

Commonwealth (Australian Government): immigration and passports, pensions and most benefits, foreign affairs and trade, defence, income tax and GST.   See www.australia.gov.au

State: schools, hospitals, health services, public transport, main roads, police, sheriff, consumer affairs, child protection, most disability services, Transport Accident Commission, State Trustees, public housing, occupational health and safety, planning laws, environmental protection, payroll tax, land tax and stamp duty.  See www.vic.gov.au

Local: local roads and footpaths, parks and sporting facilities, garbage collection and recycling, health inspection, maternal and child health, senior citizens centres, planning and building permits and regulations, neighbourhood houses and community centres, local laws and municipal rates.    See  www.boroondara.vic.gov.au or www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au

If you’re not sure whether or not an issue is one on which Robert or his office can help, just ask.  If we’re not able to help, we’ll try to put you in touch with someone who can.

For whatever assistance you are seeking, call us on 9898 6606, drop in to the office at 24 Rutland Road, Box Hill 3128, email Robert at robert.clark@parliament.vic.gov.au or use our contact form.